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beneath a steel sky walkthrough

Then use it on the door on the right. The SECURITY OFFICER will follow you, then leave.) (This will decrypt the previously encrypted files on the LINC Terminal.). Pick up the Use the elevator and exit the Use Anita‘s LINC CARD and infect the CONSOLE. Pick up the digital HELIX. Use the GRAPPLING HOOK on the SIGN. Then stand on the striped ELEVATOR, making Hobbins leave his workshop. Exit north to the well zone. (At this point, you will automatically go through the door. Robert Foster is kidnapped from the Gap, a barren wasteland outside a huge steel city, by a security ship. remove its question mark. No harm having a chat with him. Use RUNG on DOOR on right side of walkway. Exit right, back to the restricted area. zone. The ship crash lands in the city and Foster manages to hide out in a recycling plant. This, is the LINC-Space. Promptly pull the GRILL handle on the heat vent. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Turn off the main SWITCH above the CONTROL PANEL and pick up the LIGHT BULB. Beyond a Steel Sky is a sequel to the classic point & click adventure game Beneath a Steel Sky from Revolution Software. Exit left back to the well zone and use You may also pick up the WD-40 and KEY. For more info please access vi's website. No harm having a chat with him. PLAYBACK on the well. ... Also you find NEWS there about the Beneath a Steel Sky Sequel Beyond a Steel Sky. speed and use the metal bar on the wall plaster, then on the exposed brickwork. Head back to the previous space and use the ‘Playback’ command on the WELL around the center. Jul 30, 2009 9:31am Exit the Furnace Room and explore the upper level walkway if you’d like to. Since, you don’t have a key, use the METAL ROD to pop it open. LOL. DISCONNECT. Use the control unit: Exit right to the wood zone. Wait for Mrs. Piermont to arrive and Spunky starts barking at the PLANK. Now exit the shack and head to the west side of the pool to visit Mrs. Piermont‘s Apartment. Pick up the metal rung from the left of the screen and use it on the door to the right. Use the ID CARD on the SLOT beside the INTERFACE. to the factory entrance behind and to the right of the LINC terminal. Exit the Pipe Factory. Beneath A Steel Sky walkthroughs on SuperCheats - Spoiler-Free Walkthrough Use the JUKEBOX and select the first song. Turn the main SWITCH back off. Return to the Main Elevator and access it with your ID CARD and descend to the mid level. Make sure to wait for Joey or else he gets left behind. Use the ID card with the lock and Talk to a MAN named (Willy a.k.a Billy Anchor) at the desk, particularly about “special policies”. ‘Blind’ and ‘Playback’. Beneath a Steel Sky walkthrough Pick up the rung (metal bar) on the left wall. Move three screens left into the Next go to Burke’s Bio Surgery and use the virtual assistant projector. This enables you to inspect the dog’s bowl, then pick up the DOG BISCUITS. Grid Notation wm_custnum='df1472f8ca2a4021'; Exit right to the stars zone. Taking the exit north will cause an Pick up the fallen brick and use the metal bar on the swelling in the vein. Insert the circuit board into the cabinet, then 3. Move one screen right (behind the shed) and exhaust Beneath a Steel Sky latest version: Point-and-click adventure game from 1994. tank. Place the ‘Red Password’ on the tile you’re standing on. Your email address will not be published. Go WEST, back to the FACTORY. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Dialog can be skipped by clicking the left mouse button. Now, enter the Apartment complex. Go upstairs and head outside through the fire exit (at the beginning if the game). Use your WRENCH with the COGS in the middle of the room and pick it up from the BROKEN COGS. Head to the Courtroom and play pretend lawyer for a few minutes. immediately pick up the tuning fork. Using the notation Report.doc Lift the GANGWAY, and collect the PUTTY underneath it. Then climb over the BOX and use the METAL BAR on the GRILL. the left-hand (circular) tank to freeze the tissue. Exit north (before the CRUSADER) and then exit right. tongs from the right-hand wall and use them with the right-hand (rectangular) Talk to the GUARD (Blunt) who’s guarding the Cathedral entrance. Use the ‘Oscillator’ command on the CRYSTAL. Exit to the next space and pick up the BUST (Phoenix) and BOOK (?Document). Use the crow bar to open the door on the right, then go through the door. After losing the cop, go back downstairs and exit to the right. Use LMB: Explore / Look at / Skip conversations, Hovering the mouse-cursor to the top of your screen brings up the. Put the LIGHT BULB into the small SOCKET, that’s if you don’t want to get gobbled up by a lurking creature. After a short cutscene, you will end up in the locker room of the Securities HQ building. Open the door and re-enter the press room. These cookies do not store any personal information. As soon as you finish talking to her, you’ll meet Gilbert Lamb the supervisor, who relocates Anita. For Beneath a Steel Sky on the PC, GameFAQs has 7 guides and walkthroughs. Turn the main power SWITCH back on. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. exit north to the checkerboard zone. Beneath a Steel Sky is a 1994 cyberpunk science fiction point-and-click adventure game developed by British developer Revolution Software and published by Virgin Interactive Entertainment for MS-DOS and Amiga home computers. Exit the control room, then go through the large circular hatch at right. So this walkthrough guide should help you if you get stuck. Pass the MAGAZINE you collected earlier to Trevor. So go to the second room and use the blind tool on the eyeball that is always watching you and enter the door he's guarding very fast. Find Mrs. Piermont walking around with her dog, Spunky. Continue walking right to the REACTOR room and use the COMPUTER to open the reactor door. Pick up the WOODEN LID and put it on the broken BOX. BENEATH A STEEL SKY WALKTHROUGH Get RUNG on left side of walkway. 1. You will automatically retrieve Joey‘s CIRCUIT BOARD. If you play Beneath A Steel Sky and looking for a complete walkthrough guide, this article will provide what you needm a full walkthrough of Beneath A Steel Sky, let’s check it out. follow these steps: wiredminds.count(); LOL. You may read the NOTICE on the emergency fire exit DOOR to the right. Navigate to: Security Services > View Documents Use Anita’s LINC CARD on the left TERMINAL and gain access to the restricted area. Pick up the rung at the left end of the elevated walkway and use it on the door Pick up the red secateurs (pruning shears) from the top of the Exhaust dialog with Eduardo three more times Lastly, ask the doctor about getting to the ground level, and he refers you to an insurance agency. You’ll eventually get a Schriebmann Port. wm_page_name='steelsky.htm'; exit north to the checkerboard zone. Remember to loosen the GRILL and avoid spillage from the tank; again repercussions. Take the medical android’s LINC CARD, head back into the Control Room and operate the terminal with this newly obtained LINC CARD. Notice two BUTTONS below a steam pipe near the entrance and unlock them using the WRENCH. Stand on the side of the elevator where there’s a long pole. Quickly pick up the TUNING FORK! Exit right to the wood zone. Pick up the BALL (Compressed Data – Red & Green YinYang symbol). Before moving on, visit Burke’s Bio Surgery and handover the GLASS to Dr. Burke. You will notice an ELEVATOR and a TRANSPORTER. Exit north to the fire pit chamber. After the intro cutscene you arrive at the Union Re-Cycling Plant. When he returns, talk to him about the Nutrient Tank and exit left of the Tank Room. He should be roaming somewhere between the upper and middle levels. Exit through the upper right corner of the Tank Room. Lets head to the Pipe Factory. Phoenix.doc Use DIVINE WRATH on the crusader blocking caterpillar tracks. Pick up the password at D Talk to Joey about upgrading his shell with a welding mod. Use DECRYPT on each change! Your inventory now will have a new command, ‘Divine Wrath’. Slow down the game speed and exit through the (one-way) passage to the right. right, taking the elevator down, moving one screen left, taking the other You’re now back in the Interface Room @ Security HQ. Required fields are marked *. Notice that you will automatically retrieve Joey‘s CIRCUIT BOARD. Kudos if you were fast enough. Get the metal rod on the left of the screen. Over 100 locations designed and art directed by award-winning comic book author Dave Gibbons (Watchmen fame). Hit the BAR with a BRICK and pick up the METAL BAR. DOCUMENT in your inventory (question marks disappear). elevator platform again. courtroom: Move one screen right and enter the branching tunnel in the back. Talk to him particularly about the TRANSPORTER. ‘Blind’ the first EYEBALL. Move one screen right and