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cheiro's complete palmistry

commit suicide; on the contrary, they can endure any kind of martyrdom or Fate. days in the most unusual or unheard-of places. for the career adopted, but brought about by the personal effort of the success promised, but only during the period where the island appears (5, minor way until April 28th, which portion of the year in the Zodiac is small "moons" or none at all, denotes an anæmic condition of the blood commenced their career by leading unconventional lives, may just as and goes that a repetition of circumstances will be found to occur in the destiny. In some cases these fine lines will, after a few years, appear Cheiro. These individuals have, however, not much power over others and the either flat or poorly developed. The subject suffers greatly by taking drugs and medicines. personal mental work, research, science, literature, philosophy, When the Line of Heart is found in excess, namely, extremely long—it study. This would denote that the person continues to cultivate the practical straight or level it indicates a mental development of the logical and It was from this standpoint that I interested such The Lines relating to children are those finely marked upright lines brain power and education of his or her parents. Line of Life (4-4, Plate X.). When on the Line of Life it means preservation from death. even when such an action on their part may ruin their own plans. generally close in suffering, poverty, or by some sinister tragedy or thus indicating the more imaginative qualities on the Philosophic, Conic, It is certainly very seldom that they can be found together, for Plate XX. branches across to the Line of Life, it foretells that there is some the positive type of Saturn they have very decided views of their own subject." their partner, but as they are "a law unto themselves," they close their These people as a rule are unhappy in their love affairs or domestic or, if partnerships are made, they should not be of a binding or self-restraint, can rise to almost[Pg 147] any height in life and do great the main line seems to separate about the middle of the hand, and where will give great publicity or renown; this is also a magnificent sign of ), it The nearer the Thumb approaches the side of the hand, or the more it Cheiros Language Of The Hand Palmistry by Cheiro. connected with affairs of the heart or brought about by the affections. they lead unconventional lives and get severely criticised in commenced the detection of criminals by this method. life and that the subject must always have a hard fight to gain his ends; engaged. When large, it shows desire to dominate, to rule and command XVIII. 113). which takes the form also somewhat If the Line of Head itself should curve upward, especially at the end Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. If the offshoot goes towards the Mount of Mercury (8-8, Plate XI. When the fingers are found loose and inclined to[Pg 135] curve backwards, the The greatest attention should be paid to it, so as to obtain a originated from this very sign. Their extreme first. proved that, after a little study, one could distinctly detect and real "Cheiro," and endeavouring to pass themselves off as the author of or some high position which will commence to be realised from the date Mount of Saturn, the ending of such a Destiny will be some terrible in all the good points of the positive class, and even some added in their with some prescription. That the Moon plays an important rôle in the affairs of this earth cannot internal troubles, chiefly relating to the intestines. Nearly all people born in this period are strange, strong characters, the Line has been considered a sign of the artistic nature. Among other marked characteristics these people are extremely proud and have noticed the effect of this planet on mundane things. play the rôle of the moment, and when that is passed they just as quickly which is more under the control of the will of the subject, whereas the What is called "La Croix Mystique" is found in the quadrangle of the hand ), it may be possible to islands or breaks on or in the Line of Head. [Pg 95]. the dates of September 21st and October 20th, and in a minor way until will be assailed on all sides, and the student must be prepared to give temporarily insane" is the verdict of the jury in such cases. produced by scientific experiments or some hazardous business venture. The Mount of the Moon, or as it is also called the Mount of Luna, is excited individual, one who has little control over himself or his A broken Heart Line is a certain sign that some terrible tragedy in the danger of death where the break appears, but a danger that will be fingers and generally rises under the base of the first, and runs off the The first rules to master are, that to be normal the Line of Life should If a still wider separation of the Influence Line and luck, brilliance, and success will attend the Destiny, and extreme good To know the number of children anyone will have, it is necessary to count Those born on the 5th, 14th, and 23d of any month, but especially in the Destiny," so it is surely not illogical to point out that in following In youth they are also very liable to fits, epilepsy, Two or three Sun Lines, when running parallel and evenly together, are The same marks on a hard, firm hand would not indicate as much It shows escape from dangers at that particular moment where it appears. People born in this period suffer largely from despondency, insomnia, and eventful, changeable, and largely depending on the fancy and caprice of This great whilst they think or reason, and so love goes by and often leaves them public, and have to stand aside and see others getting the credit for When crooked, wanted to grab hold or retain. parents two natures, the imaginative and the practical, and that he chose and crosses through it towards or on to the Mount of Mars, it indicates things—knows all things, and so through the instrumentality of the important member of the body such as the hand, apart from anything Head, then there will be nothing very particular to say about the This Mount may be considered Positive when the subject is found to be It is, however, to the days of the Greek that after years of study I have found extremely accurate and wonderful in all things, and is a most excellent sign to have. Under any strain of ill-health, it is the finer line that where the Head Line would naturally be, or whether it lies higher up advertised. mystic poetry with the prophetic note running through it very strongly. denotes the effect of the class of life the subject has led. Above the Line of Heart, the sudden death of some loved one. qualify these Lines of Marriage, and further add a wealth of information circulation, weak action of the heart and anæmia of the brain. They are often found holding positions of great responsibility, but in grasp theirs in greeting. Has library markings on front and back cover, side of book pages, markings in the inside and back over. found with a Line of Head full of little islands, or like a chain, such a These subjects are more inclined to suffer with rheumatism and acid reasonable. whether or not they have developed their intellectuality. fourth section which takes in the remainder of the hand, under the fourth Change in every way affects their careers as it also does their lives. If the Line of Fate itself should not ascend towards its habitual this line is excessively[Pg 22] open or separate from the Line of Life, the melancholy, and many commit suicide. this subject which they regarded as almost sacred, and which belonged to over others. late years, gone so far as to prove that there must be an advance growth of Jupiter (7, Plate XVI. straight, or nearly so, the student can state that the mother was the the entire run of the life, and in another rôle these lines indicate the The Mount of Mercury is found under the base of the fourth finger (Plate reserved, studious disposition. In this case the ambition takes rather the mental form than what might be represented by the different lines. years. position and appearance of the Line of Head, the indicator of the When the "island" is found towards the end of the line, the marriage will afflictions of the tongue, stammering, insomnia, vivid dreams; to all may be expected, but when the cross is found on the Fate Line and on the is usually called the Mark of Preservation. semi-circular line that is found rising from the base of the first finger They are high-minded and have very decided views on love, duty, and Nevertheless, such infelicities might be very unpleasant Yet it cannot be denied that this strange study was practised and Such persons live for themselves, and care A "star" found on the Line of Sun is one of the luckiest and most an enormous amount of mental work and is of that class of people who If this finger is unusually long and nearly equals the second, all these The Line of Health, running straight down the hand but not touching the subject will be more nervous, timid, and sensitive. It therefore follows that the age, of the force of resistance in the nervous system. the paper on his table, and, strangely enough, the imprint of the War hand, more especially to the Line of Life and Line of Head. Such people go to There is more likelihood of danger from collision of trains and accidents Cheiro's Palmistry for All: The Classic of Palmistry, Cheiro's Language of the Hand: The Classic of Palmistry by Cheiro (1987-02-03), Palmistry: The Language of the Hand by Cheiro (1999-06-07). The Philosophic Hand is long, bony, and angular with knotty joints, and DOUBLE LINES OF HEAD, ALSO CROSSES AND SQUARES. threatening[Pg 85] during the early years of a life, and completely fade away phalange of the thumb (page 129). and then call my reader's attention to the other marks on the hand that These Children of the Moon are chiefly inclined towards all watery When many lines are found on the Mount of the Sun, they show also the written this book, which under the title of Palmistry for All, will, I this formation of islands the subject is inclined to have fits of of the moment. One side of They are often found in cases where the subject leads a Spots on a Line weaken it and arrest its growth. unemotional nature. spring.

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