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fun lifeguard drills

More fun. Silhouette Manikin Drill - Submerged victim recognition within 10 seconds – clear pool. The purpose of this study was to review the current lifeguard training literature including the trends published by professionals in this field. Lifeguard fitness training is performed frequently. Have some ideas we didn’t mention? (11): Seasonal Awards: If you have ongoing lifeguard in-service trainings throughout your season(s) of operation, motivation from your staff can also be increased through long-term goals. DROP drills are one of the trainings that we highly recommend implementing into a regular schedule. When the whistle blows, the lifeguard with the tube enters the water and performs the appropriate rescue. SKWIM™ is a fun and exciting water game. Saving lives in … Effective Lifeguard In-Service Trainings Post. The concept started small but has grown to include several dozen agencies and hundreds of aquatic staff members. And no one can perform a skill unless explicitly told to do so by the dictator. This can help staff focus on their own skills, while aiding your staff in identifying areas for improvement. (1) Skills: When practicing different skills (such as passive submerged retrieval) during an in-service, have a clear outline of all the things staff need to do for any given skill. Red Ball Drill – Surface victim recognition within 10 seconds - lifeguard indicates victim recognition by thrusting fist in air. Lifeguard Training Florida. Have other suggestions for ways to improve lifeguard in-service trainings? Whether you are a student, city government agency, day or resident camp, or community-based organization we have an aquatic training program to fit your needs. Creative in-services mean higher lifeguard attendance, which means more skills development. Skills: When practicing different skills (such as passive submerged retrieval) during an in-service, … These games are useful for lifeguard in-service training as skill-building and team-building exercises. (3b: add length to their endurance training if staff are not challenged, or for speed events add difficulty, like a weight for the brick sprint.). These games are useful for lifeguard in-service training as skill-building and team-building exercises. If you see one you love, throw it on custom shirts, tanks, hats, and more for your whole lifeguard staff or training group. After that, the brick passes to the next person in line, who drops and retrieves it as the first lifeguard did. • Two minutes of treading water without hands. Giving staff awards and recognition for desired behavior, or excellently performed skills and responsibilities is an effective motivator in general. (9) Rotating Dictator Practice: Once staff have gotten comfortable with no leader, a single person leading, or a supreme dictator running their practice/skills sessions, it may be time to introduce another challenge. This is particularly effective with sprint events, such as the brick sprint. Remember to start with easier skills, such as active victim rescues, before moving on to more difficult ones. By giving one person the ability to aid others, and provide directions when needed, staff can learn to depend on each other, and again can identify weaknesses to improve on. 7.25 hour course designed to prepare lifeguard supervisors for managing lifeguards. This game promotes attention to detail and concentration while on duty. The “victim” goes to the end of the line, and the rescuer now becomes the “victim.” The first team to have all lifeguards perform a rescue and tow wins. While not all staff will immediately understand the responsibility and importance of each and every lifeguard, they can be shown this over time. This course replaces the prior certification of Head Lifeguard. One of the swimmers is told ahead of time to go under and act unresponsive at a certain cue, and whoever spots them first wins View entire discussion (5 comments) We take every factor into consideration ensuring your guards are rescue-ready by the time they leave our training. In fact, it can be an effective tool to see who among your lifeguarding staff are capable and prepared for supervisory positions. (5b & c: change the objects up/involve lifeguard staff and have lifeguards observe behavior instead of objects, and try changing the locations staff perform surveillance from. They’re perfect for personalized lifeguard t-shirts, hoodies, and face masks if you need them. Here are some time based competitions you can implement for various aspects of lifeguarding. Lifeguard Training Activities and Games is a complete resource for aquatics managers or lifeguard supervisors responsible for conducting site-specific on-the-job training for lifeguards. Again, bragging rights may suffice, but extra incentive is always nice. This compilation of fun lifeguard games, skill drills, activities and guidance, enhances the training and conditioning of lifeguards in order to create an efficient, high-performing group of staff. Lifeguard Training Activities and Games is a complete resource for aquatics managers or lifeguard supervisors responsible for conducting site-specific on-the-job training for lifeguards. The compilation of games, skill drills, activities, and guidance enhances training and conditioning of lifeguards and creates a high-performing staff. Teamwork is an integral part of any aquatics organization. So let’s emphasize it during your lifeguard in-service trainings to stress to staff just how important, and difficult, it can be! How an educator uses Prezi Video to approach adult learning theory; Nov. 11, 2020. Ideal for water safety, junior lifeguard, and lifeguard training and recreation. Nov. 11, 2020. Then, staff will start out with a score of 100 and lose points for any and every mistake made, and the person with the highest score at the end wins. But it can be difficult for the weaker staff, while not challenging your skilled and experienced lifeguards. Just because your lifeguards are not part of your management structure yet doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be placed into leadership roles. American Lifeguard Association: Lifeguarding. Competition breeds excellence, so whenever possible, fostering friendly competition can be an effective motivator, and a great way to keep your lifeguards engaged during in-services. Lifeguard fitness training is … Appoint one person in each group the supreme dictator of that group that must give ALL directions to staff. Featured on ABC, E! Lifeguard Training HQ specializes in providing pool and beach lifeguard training programs and certification courses in all 50 states. Teamwork, like others that lifeguards have, is a skill. Similar to point based competitions, timed events can foster an attitude where performing quickly is rewarded. We offer CPR, water rescue, choking manikins & more. Games should focus on skills like recognizing signs of a distressed swimmer, identifying hazards of inclement weather, understanding environmental dangers or improving aquatic conditioning. Change is good, despite how much we all may fight it. Lifeguard Training Program. So why not provide them with some fun and silly motivation or incentives? teach lifeguard training, lifeguard mgt., first aid, CPR and AED Equipment, Oxygen Administration, and Preventing Disease Transmition. Some good examples of seasonal awards going off of the ideas above are: fewest points lost, fastest brick sprint, fastest perfect back-boarding. All those reasons essentially add up to more effective, beneficial in-service training. Everyone has found enjoyment in their lifeguarding jobs over the years, in one way or another. (4) Skills: Skills again? Turning your in-service training skills into competitions can be a great way to foster an environment where people want to attend. (8) Dictator Practice: Just because your lifeguards have mastered the silence or the single leader doesn’t mean there aren’t other methods to challenge them further. It might look like lifeguarding is an easy job, but lifeguards need to stay in shape to protect swimmers. The lifeguards receive the Red Cross Shallow Water Lifeguarding certificate upon completion of both online and in-pool training and exercises. Teams of lifeguards from Irving and across the state competed in the 15th annual North Texas Guard Games. Lifeguarding Drill: Mulitiple lifeguard 2-on-1 victim using a modified breastrokeThis is the second in the Multi-lifeguard 2-on-1 rescue drills. And they all work toward ensuring you have a safe pool, with a well prepared lifeguarding staff. Red Cap Drill – Live victim recognition within 10 seconds with activation and implementation of the Emergency Action Plan. But, by changing the things during your in-services, whether it’s what you emphasize, or how you practice it, the changes will certainly develop your lifeguard’s training further. And in the short term, other ways of adding importance can be a great way to get the best from your lifeguarding staff. 6 essential time management skills and techniques After you pass the qualifying test, your training to be a New York City Lifeguard begins.You will be enrolled in the Municipal Lifeguard Training Program, a state-certified program that teaches applicants the critical skills of CPR, first-aid, and techniques for saving a … One of the lifeguards on the team becomes the “victim” at the other end of the pool, or about 50 feet in front of the shore's edge at a beach or lake. Orlando based for private groups with a pool for this 2-day fun Red Cross Lifeguard class. and Bravo, we offer world class CPR classes at your home or office in Los Angeles, Orange, and Ventura… With timed competitions, it is extremely important to take steps to make sure that the effectiveness and quality of the skills and aspects being covered do not suffer in the pursuit of speed. Having a single person that gives ALL direction is great. Run drills, practice with a friend, do whatever you need to do to get your body and your swimming skills at their best. Another lifeguard must be on duty during this exercise to ensure safety. A compact jump is used to jump from high places, like a lifeguard chair, where a lifeguard loosely "tucks in" their knees to their rescue tube. So let’s move on into the creative ways to keep your lifeguards engaged in in-service trainings. Check out our great selection of SKWIM™ products today! By being creative with your in-services staff are more engaged and can get more out of it, as opposed to just going through the motions. Give staff various awards that have to do with the skills or emphasis of your in-service trainings. If there are not enough lifeguards for two teams, the team competes against a clock. If they speak they are disqualified. The brick, or 10-pound weight, is a necessary prop at every pool deck or waterfront. 30 hours for instructors of swim-ming and water safety programs. So let’s get into some of the most important benefits that effective lifeguard in-service trainings provide. Tell us below! The other lifeguards or trainees take on various roles around the pool or body of water: swimmers, aqua joggers, children playing and sunbathers. Here’s how: (6) Silent Practice: To challenge your staff, when performing skills or events that require multiple lifeguards, make it mandatory that they not speak. Whoever saw and remembered the most wins the competition. After your lifeguard staff has become so proficient with their skills that they no longer have anyone to compete against can be a great way to improve response times in the event of real life emergencies. Here are 12 in-service topics to help you organize your weekly meetings and ensure your teams success. So why not apply those same principles to your lifeguard in-service trainings? • A 300 yard nonstop swim, with at least 100 breaststrokes and 100 freestyle strokes. Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. From any way you look at it, there benefits for almost every aspect of your organization. The compilation of games, skill drills, activities, and guidance enhances training and conditioning of lifeguards and creates a high-performing staff. Staff are given limited time to scan the whole pool, then are tested on what objects they saw. lifeguard certification includes written knowledge tests at the end of the class, including a final in-water scenarios that participants must successfully complete in order to become a lifeguard. The lifeguard on deck turns around and studies the scene again for one minute. If you're looking for more great tips on lifeguard in-service training, check us out at DigiQuatics today! Yes, of course! I like to run scanning drills where a few guards are watching the pool while most of the guards are playing something distracting - Marco Polo and Alligator are both very good for this. While this can be difficult at first, once staff get the hang of it, it can really help your lifeguards hone their skills. Lifeguarding can be challengingly boring, but why let that tedium into your in-services as well? (10) Fun Awards: Not every aspect of a lifeguard training in-service has to be focus on the serious nature of the position. Choose between timed segments of when the dictator is changed and checkpoints. By adding different aspects of lifeguarding to your in-service skills trainings, you can help your employees to become not just effective lifeguards, but effective members of society and of any work environment. By Pete DeQuincy. In December 2014, I wrote about one of my favorite drills: The 60-Second Drill. The first lifeguard in line wears the rescue tube, which is the thin, red, buoyancy device lifeguards carry. (7) Single Leader Practice: If silence isn’t working for your lifeguards, or just for a different challenge, try limiting the number of people who can speak to one. (2) Scanning: Have objects hidden in the pool. Lifeguards are split into two teams. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of bringing creativity into your in-services. After the rescue, the rescuer tows the “victim” back to the starting position. Published By. When the whistle blows, the first lifeguard in line drops the brick and waits for it to reach the bottom. I like to run scanning drills where two or three people are scanning the pool and the rest of the guards are doing something loud and distracting- playing Marco Polo, Alligator, etc. Fun for the whole family. Adding a speed factor to their endurance will help motivate them to maintain and improve their fitness level, inside and out of your provided lifeguard in-service trainings. The "victim" can be active, with arms flailing and conscious, or passive and unresponsive. The Fun Spot provides yearly lifeguard certification classes to ensure their lifeguards are properly trained and prepared to keep visitors safe while having fun. Open Lines of Communication: Providing your lifeguards the opportunity to ask questions they may have about emergency situations and emergency r… Lifeguard games are engaging ways to introduce new skills to lifeguard trainees or to sharpen the skills of veteran lifeguards in a highly competitive atmosphere. Lifeguard Training Activities and Games is a complete resource for aquatics managers or lifeguard supervisors responsible for conducting site-specific on-the-job training for lifeguards. The benefits for holding regular lifeguard in-service trainings are numerous. Keep the points competitions and add in the time to make sure things are being done correctly, and timely. Remember, lifeguarding is often a first (or early) job, and as such it’s important that we instill in our staff the qualities we want to see in all our employees. This game practices that skill and promotes team building. The lifeguard with his back to the pool turns around and memorizes the scene for one minute. The rescue relay incorporates rescue with aerobic training. If staff are getting too adept at the scanning drills, change the amount of time they have to observe and search for items. The compilation of games, skill drills, activities, and guidance enhances training and conditioning of lifeguards and creates a high-performing staff. The compilation of games, skill drills, activities, and guidance enhances training and conditioning of lifeguards and creates a high-performing staff. Everyone should have their staff complete some type of endurance swim to ensure they are equipped to handle difficult and lengthy swims in the event of a real emergency. There are a number of reasons that being creative with how you run your in-service program is important. Each team stands apart from the other at the deep end of the pool or on the dock. Whatever the award, or if there is a reward, recognizing excellent performance and behavior inside your in-services can be just as important and effective as doing it outside of them. They're having fun while learning and your lifeguards can as well. The Lifeguard Training Class prepares participants for work as professional lifeguards. Whichever methods you choose to introduce to your in-services in order to keep your lifeguarding staff learning and improving, it is key to always make sure safety is the most important goal being worked toward. Maybe you’ve been running in-services for a while, or maybe you’ve only just started after you read our Effective Lifeguard In-Service Trainings Post and are already looking for ways to challenge your staff and make in-services more enjoyable all around. After time is up, he must identify the changes. The team to finish the fastest wins. Lifeguard Certification Course Updates With COVID-19 precautions, our company is accepting registrations for our services honoring of course any local restrictions in effect. Conduct random DROP drills when guards are on duty to test their awareness and responsiveness. Specialties: Fun CPR Training offers Certified CPR AED, and First Aid training in a fun, energetic environment. Here are some fun drill ideas you can practice with friends to be be in top lifeguard shape: Kickback: In this drill, one person pretends to be an unconscious victim, and the other is the rescuer. View as Grid List. One lifeguard or trainee stands with his back to the water on the side of the pool, on the beach or on the lake shore. Mobile to you statewide and beyond. 11 Items . One that can be learned, taught, practiced, and cultivated, and the same goes for leadership. Lifeguard Training Class. These can especially become great team bonding experiences! Each can offer unique benefits. Make sure your lifeguards have the proper training by using the right manikins and training equipment. Start by planning the lifeguard training’s that your team needs to perform their best all season long. Blog. Provide staff outlines for the long-term (whether seasonal or otherwise) awards and their accompanying rewards in order to keep them coming to your in-services and striving for excellence. On the beach, lifeguards start on the shore. Going to the beach or swimming pool is a fun way to spend a good time with family and friends, however, the safety of visitors cannot be left in the hands of luck. For example, swimmers become sunbathers, and children become the aqua joggers. • A timed drill that requires the student to rescue a 10-pound brick from the bottom of the pool and swim it across the pool. (3) Endurance: Making sure your staff are capable of performing their responsibilities isn’t all about skills they’ve gained, it’s also about fitness. After 60 seconds, he turns back around and the players quickly change roles. After all, their enjoyment and happiness is an important key to retaining staff. (5) Scanning: Another repeat? This one sort of goes along with #1, but the more fun your staff, and even you as a supervisor, have with in-services, the more functions they can serve. Similar to the brick relay, lifeguards split into two teams and begin at one end of the pool. Scanning – Start the summer off with a refresher on one of the most important lifeguarding skills. EMS response times are going down, so we should be prepared for them whenever they arrive. Some lifeguard certification organizations require the prospective lifeguard to dive to the bottom of the pool and retrieve the brick. Lifeguard & Water Safety Training Taking a Lifeguarding & Water Safety Class At the American Red Cross, lifeguarding and water safety courses are available year round – from trained professionals who can help you gain the skills and confidence necessary for … Whatever the reason, there are a number of ways in which you can change, develop, and otherwise improve your in-service protocols that will see improved attendance and skills from your lifeguard staff. Lifeguard games are engaging ways to introduce new skills to lifeguard trainees or to sharpen the skills of veteran lifeguards in a highly competitive atmosphere. When it comes to emergency response it is of particular importance. A stride jump is typically used near the edge of the pool, where a lifeguard extends one leg into the water. It would always be bad news if EMS arrived before the rescue had been completed. Host sites for 1999 are already scheduled, and all agencies are invited to participate. These in-service drills focus on gloving up, basic to fanny pack, both dry and wet, stationary to running. Lifeguard Training Activities and Games is a complete resource for aquatics managers or lifeguard supervisors responsible for conducting site-specific on-the-job training for lifeguards. By having the position rotate between staff, they have to be comfortable and confident enough in their skills to be able to pick up wherever they’re told to, and provide instruction. So why not encourage that kind of fun in your staff. Throughout the book, the focus is on keeping activities fun and engaging. A good example is an award for most realistic drowning victim. Here are some point based competitions that you can implement for various aspects of lifeguarding. Ability to complete lifeguard training and meet the standards of the Jeff Ellis & Associates International Lifeguard Training Program. Changing Up a Classic Lifeguard Drill Variations on the 60-Second Drill keep lifeguards on their toes . Creative Lifeguard Sayings & Slogans. The training was followed by a fun activity and food for everyone. Again, yes! You can read our comprehensive guide on how to conduct DROP Drills at your organization. Over the years, I’ve written about in-service scenarios, large scale drills and what it takes for a drill to be successful. Prizes for winners are nice, but not necessary (at least initially) as bragging rights can be just as, if not more, incentivizing. She then dives or jumps in to retrieve it.

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